Jacob (drbrighthead) wrote in amel_larrieux,

Woah, Amel Larriuex the LJ!?

Im a 23-yr old Chemistry undergrad.  And to be honest, I consider myself to be culturally very white and dreadfully square.  I mean I can totally  find Jurassic Five offensive at times. My favorite rapper is MC Solaar cuz I cant tell it when he's cussing.  But when I discovered the video to Amel's single "get up" on BET like 6 years ago in a bout of channel flipping, I was totally hooked.  I subscribe to here mailing list and listen to her stuff on    giantstep records.  This definately proves that Ms. Larrieux has something, cuz she's the only one to expand my narrow mind on the whole soulternative r&b thing!  More LJ's & peeps ought to listen to her, the music scene would be so much better!. 
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