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who else do you like??

eeep! I'm so excited that there is an Amel Larrieux community!! She is definitely a diamond in the rough. Obviously she deserves more credit & if they market her right... she could be really big. I'm kinda a selfish fan though and like that she is still small and a "real" artist that I like, not the whole world.


This genre of music (whatever you'd call it) doesn't get a whole lot of play on the radio between Britney Spears and 50 cent... so I was just wondering if you guys could recommend some of your fav albums along Amel's sound... guys too...

p.s. along with chill stuff like Amel's, I luh-love stuff I can dance to. So if you guys have dance-able soul/hip-hop recommendations I'd love that too!

Thanks so much guys! (oh, and I'm happy to join the community!)
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